Peanut Blubber
Peanut Blubber
Peanut Blubber
Peanut Blubber
Peanut Blubber

Peanut Blubber

Chocolate + Peanut Butter Swirl

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There’s not much you can do to peanut butter to improve it, but we figured a keto-friendly smooth, creamy, and deliciously “peanut buttery” ice cream might be a step in the right direction.

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ALL NATURAL ingredients

Our peanut butter chocolate keto ice cream contains 2g of net carbs per serving and MCT oil sourced 100% from coconuts.

We sweeten our ice cream with a blend of erythritol and stevia, natural sweeteners with a low glycemic index. So you get the sweetness you love without the consequences of sugar.  

Our peanut butter chocolate ice cream contains >1g of sugar.

What are net Carbs?

We take our total carbs and subtract our all-natural sweeteners and our fiber content.

Total Carbs - Fiber - Erythritol = Net Carbs

Benefits of MCT oil

  • Promotes weight loss
  • A sustainable source of energy
  • May help control blood sugar levels
  • Promotes mental clarity and focus

Learn more about the benefits of consuming MCT oil on our blog.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Excellent Keto ice cream. I felt like I was eating a “ normal” pint of ice cream! Love the peanut butter!

That's awesome, Ellen! Thanks for the review!
Killer creamery Milk Shakes

Although the Peanut Blubber and Brownie Batter ice cream is delicious and my go to flavors, sending the 2 six pack boxes in the mailing box does not allow for the dry ice to properly keep the ice cream frozen. By the time I got my order all of the pints were thawed out. I put them right in the freezer but now they do have ice crystals in them.

We're so sorry to hear your order arrived in less than perfect condition, Susan. We have reached out privately to make sure we have made it right on our end.

I have been waiting for a decent ice cream that was truly Keto!! You nailed it with this. I read all the bad reviews and I can recommend this, put it in the microwave on defrost for about 45 seconds or let it sit out on the counter for about 10 minutes before serving to get that creamy ice cream texture. I add pecans and sugar free caramel syrup to the PB and it's amazing. I haven't had sugar in 2 years so this is the perfect amount of sweet for me. Thank you Killer Creamery!!

Thanks Heather! We appreciate the great feedback.
Taste like very bad freezer burnt chocolate

It’s very bad . Maybe I got a bad batch ? But I can’t eat it . My mom even said it’s awful .

Hey Tammy! Email us at so we can get some fresh pints out to you for another try.
Awful, just awful

I’m sorry but I can’t recommend this to anyone. Bought the peanut blubber and the No judge Mint. Both were hard as rock and did not taste good at all. The blubber tasted like badly blended cocoa powder and I can’t even describe the mint. Sorry but I won’t buy again

Thanks for the feedback.