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Chilla In Vanilla
Chilla In Vanilla
Chilla In Vanilla
Chilla In Vanilla
Chilla In Vanilla
Chilla In Vanilla
Chilla In Vanilla

Chilla In Vanilla

Vanilla Bean Flavor

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Smooth, creamy, and anything but vanilla (aka boring), this ice cream flavor is great straight out of the pint, added to your favorite keto smoothie or topped with all of your favorite low carb fixing, maybe a delicious caramel sauce?


  • TEXTURE:  smooth, rich, creamy…and “this can’t be low-carb”, are just a few words that have been said about our enhanced texture.
  • ALLULOSE:  a low-calorie sugar that comes from mother nature herself. The best part? It won’t spike your blood sugar levels.  
  • MONK FRUIT: no calories, and more clean tasting sweetness to enhance our amazing flavors. We listened to #ThePod and replaced stevia.  
  • MCT OIL: nothing but pure C8 MCT oil sourced from 100% coconut oil.


We have a no-melt guarantee. It arrives frozen to your front door or we reship the product for free. No joke.

Customer Reviews

Based on 591 reviews
Edita P.

Dairy free ice creams are usually either a hit or a miss, and Killer Creamery is a big hit! While I can tell it’s not a dairy product, it tastes absolutely delicious and it tastes like vanilla ice cream (not something weird and frozen). My boyfriend and I enjoyed this a lot and we want to get other flavors as well

Mackenzie C.

This ice cream was delicious, my daughter is also a fan and we can’t wait to try the other flavors. This is going to be our go to ice cream to buy from now on

Gloria B.

To my surprise not too bad. It has an ice cream consistency and a vanilla flavor. Not too much of an after taste. The vanilla flavor is light not too potent. I'd like to try more flavors in this.

Shannon P.

I love the natural and low sugar ingredients in this ice cream. The flavor was odd though, it had a dusty aftertaste to it. I think a different flavor may mask the taste better, but I don't think this is one I would try again.

Jessica H.

Absolutely delicious! I even used the buy one get one coupon that came with it ! Kids didn’t even know the difference and enjoyed it perfect for the summer time now ! Taste is great