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Caramels Back

Salted Caramel + Sea Salt

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Staying true to our roots, this pint is made from one part flavor and two parts home. Camel’s Back Park is an 11-acre park along the Boise River that is home to our fondest memories. We simply took all of the recreation, replaced it with delicious, creamy, sweet & salty keto goodness, added a gooey caramel swirl and stuffed it in a pint ready to be enjoyed.


  • TEXTURE:  smooth, rich, creamy…and “this can’t be low-carb”, are just a few words that have been said about our enhanced texture.
  • ALLULOSE:  a low-calorie sugar that comes from mother nature herself. The best part? It won’t spike your blood sugar levels.  
  • MONK FRUIT: no calories, and more clean tasting sweetness to enhance our amazing flavors. We listened to #ThePod and replaced stevia.  
  • MCT OIL: nothing but pure C8 MCT oil sourced from 100% coconut oil.


We have a no-melt guarantee. It arrives frozen to your front door or we reship the product for free. No joke.

Customer Reviews

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janice D.

I HAVENTGOTTEN MYSELF A sample .during the pandemic walmart was really scary.but it expired though .i wanted to. tell everyone in this world that we can all love

Linda M.

Ok, it’s not bad. If you really want a healthier alternative this could be it. It’s not as cream as I would like. It was decent. There is that sugar free after taste slightly. There wasn’t a lot of flavors to choose from. The packaging can use some improvement.

Elaine L.

This ice cream was pretty good.
One thing that would have really enhanced the ice cream would be the addition of some different textures. Maybe some caramel swirls or some cookie pieces.

Nicole M.

All I can say is wow! When I saw sugar free ice cream, I was afraid the texture but mainly taste was going to be bad. I am so wrong for thinking that. The texture was so creamy unlike any ice cream I tried. The Caramel flavor stood out and was amazing! I will buy this again.

Nicole N.

Really solid flavor. Bit of an odd texture, like dippin dots/airy freeze dried kind of thing, but it wins in the flavor department for sure. I'm looking forward to trying a few others.