At Killer Creamery, our mission is to provide our community with a healthy, sugar free dessert that can be enjoyed by people regardless of their diet or lifestyle. Sugar is not the occasional commodity it once was, it is everywhere in everything. As a society, we consume an unhealthy amount of sugar and we now know that this may lead to obesity, inflammation, insulin resistance, and other metabolic issues. We strive to provide our customers with a guilt-free, healthy dessert while giving back to our community and the causes we are passionate about. We are doing our part to help build a better body.


Killer Creamery got its name from founder and CEO, Louis Armstrong and his childhood interest in Killer Whales growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Louis would spend countless hours watching, studying, and learning about this spectacular mammal. He always knew when he started his own company, he would incorporate his love and appreciation for this animal and vowed to bring awareness, educate and donate to causes around the world that protect whales.


Louis & Liz Armstrong


Louis Armstrong has spent most of his career engaged in the many facets of the food industry including development, manufacturing, and quality assurance. With a degree in Food Science and a personal interest and passion for the Ketogenic Diet, Killer Creamery was created after numerous people within the Keto community begged Louis to come up with a no sugar or low carb ice cream. As dessert fan himself, he jumped at the chance.

Josh Field

Chief Innovation Officer

Josh joins Killer Creamery with a background in formulation, operations, and business development. With his vigorous training schedule, Josh would eat up to 7 times a day which consumed a big part of his life. All that changed when he and his wife were looking for a way to help their dog who suffered from epilepsy and a friend told them about the Ketogenic Diet. After years of studying, practicing and immersing themselves in the Keto community, Josh and his family now enjoy better health eating less often with more metabolic flexibility. Even his dog is reaping the benefits of a Ketogenic diet being seizure free and off her medication.

Tate Glasgow

VP of Marketing

Tate met Louis at a Boise Farmers Market where he and his wife were sampling their ice cream. With a personal interest in a diet that minimizes sugar and a professional background in marketing and entrepreneurship, the two discovered they shared similar goals and passions and as an instant fan of the ice cream, Tate jumped at the chance of leading the marketing team.

Matt Price

Chief Operating Officer

Matt Price joins the Killer Creamery team with 10 years of growth stage, CPG experience. Having been both a founder and a fund manager, Matt has pioneered the concept of seed and growth stage corporate development. Throughout his career, Price has been a board appointed, CEO and CFO and adds that executive experience to the team at Killer Creamery.