No Judge Mint
No Judge Mint
No Judge Mint
No Judge Mint
No Judge Mint
No Judge Mint
No Judge Mint

No Judge Mint

Mint Chip Flavor + Dark Chocolate Chips

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Contrary to popular belief (The Discovery Channel), migration patterns of orcas tend to vary based on cooler temperatures and the availability of ice cream. This is precisely where the majestic bond between mint and chocolate chips formed to create a refreshing and decadent ketogenic treat that is now all but an old whale’s tale.


  • TEXTURE:  smooth, rich, creamy…and “this can’t be low-carb”, are just a few words that have been said about our enhanced texture.
  • ALLULOSE:  a low-calorie sugar that comes from mother nature herself. The best part? It won’t spike your blood sugar levels.  
  • MONK FRUIT: no calories, and more clean tasting sweetness to enhance our amazing flavors. We listened to #ThePod and replaced stevia.  
  • MCT OIL: nothing but pure C8 MCT oil sourced from 100% coconut oil.


We have a no-melt guarantee. It arrives frozen to your front door or we reship the product for free. No joke.

Customer Reviews

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The No Judge Mint was pretty good. I liked that it was easily spoonable, We were able to eat it right away, we didn't have to wait for it to thaw out.


With no added sugar I was not sold on this ice cream, until I tried it! Such a surprising taste, and my family didn't know the difference. I have told my friends about this and look forward to trying more flavors.


Delicious cold treat. I am an avid fan of ice cream and enjoy a creamy snack. I had never heard of Killer creamery and wasn't aware of there being a keto ice cream. But this stuff was yummy. I tried the No Judgemint and it was fresh and creamy, the chips were nice and crunchy. Perfect snack to cool off with.


I have been looking for a great tasting ice cream that is not full of sugars for some time now. Most times they have a really weird texture like it was frozen thawed and then RE frozen (yuck)! This brand I was optimistic and then surprisingly surprised at how good it was. Thank you!!


I had to visit a few Von's stores before I could find it. It was oddly placed in between Talenti gelato and the healthier, more niche ice cream then mixed in with the more indulgent ones. To find a Keto friendly ice cream was interesting to try. I went with one of my favorite flavors in mint chocolate chip. When I tried it, I expected it to taste different. Although, it did, it was more subtle. If you told me it was Keto friendly, gluten free. I probably wouldn't have known, which is a good thing. I get the benefits of it being keto friendly and gluten free without noticing it was too different. That's a win to me, when it tastes good enough to not notice it. Usually I would notice it and that would be a limited factor for me. But I was pleasantly surprised.