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Jam Session

Raspberry Flavor + Dark Chocolate Chips

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Ever see a whale play the banjo? It’s not a pretty site. But this blend of raspberries AND dark chocolate chips is not only a delicious treat but sure to be your favorite jam. A new jam that is friendly on the taste buds — and your nutritional goals.


  • TEXTURE:  smooth, rich, creamy…and “this can’t be low-carb”, are just a few words that have been said about our enhanced texture.
  • ALLULOSE:  a low-calorie sugar that comes from mother nature herself. The best part? It won’t spike your blood sugar levels.  
  • MONK FRUIT: no calories, and more clean tasting sweetness to enhance our amazing flavors. We listened to #ThePod and replaced stevia.  
  • MCT OIL: nothing but pure C8 MCT oil sourced from 100% coconut oil.


We have a no-melt guarantee. It arrives frozen to your front door or we reship the product for free. No joke.

Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
C L.

You honestly won't find a better sugar free ice cream - it is rich and creamy and sweet without being too sweet and clawing. I tried the Jam Session and it tasted natural and rich. Even if you aren't keto, this is a super yummy ice cream.

Virginia T.

I liked a lot of things about this - that it was sugar free and not too sweet, and that it came in one of my all-time favourite flavour combinations, chocolate and raspberry. I enjoyed the raspberry flavour and little dark chocolate flakes. While it is sugar free, this is by no means a light ice cream. It's made with real cream and is quite heavy. I could really only manage a few spoonfuls at a time. That was a shame, because I would have liked to enjoy it for longer, and because with so much saturated fat it wouldn't be a good idea to eat a whole serving anyway. So, it's good for a few spoonfuls, then it's just too much.

Autumn G.

This icecream was delicious. I found it to be creamy and had just the right amount of sweetness. I decided to try jam session, because it seemed like an interesting flavor combination, and I definitely was not dissapointed. I loved it so much, I was inspired to try adding raspberry syrup and raspberry drizzle to my grashopper freeze w/ whip cream and chocolate drizzle when I went to Dutch Bros. Coffee the other day, and discovered my new favorite coffee flavor.

Michael W.

This was a very good product despite being sugar free. It tasted like regular ice cream. I like that I was eating a dessert made with natural ingredients.

Susan W.

My son and I tried the Killer Creamery Jam Session ice cream on a hot summer day. The berry flavor was not overpowering; the mini the dark chocolate chips were perfect because when the ice cream melts in your mouth you don’t have large clunky chunks to contend with.; and the texture wasn’t chalky. Overall made me think of summer fruits while enjoying my treat of Jam Session.