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Brownie Points
Brownie Points
Brownie Points
Brownie Points
Brownie Points
Brownie Points
Brownie Points

Brownie Points

Chocolate Flavor + Brownie Pieces

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People feel very strongly about chocolate, and so do we, which is why we took the classic ice cream flavor and added brownie pieces to it, so you won’t have to defend your chocolate addiction to anyone (not that you had to before).


  • TEXTURE:  smooth, rich, creamy…and “this can’t be low-carb”, are just a few words that have been said about our enhanced texture.
  • ALLULOSE:  a low-calorie sugar that comes from mother nature herself. The best part? It won’t spike your blood sugar levels.  
  • MONK FRUIT: no calories, and more clean tasting sweetness to enhance our amazing flavors. We listened to #ThePod and replaced stevia.  
  • MCT OIL: nothing but pure C8 MCT oil sourced from 100% coconut oil.


We have a no-melt guarantee. It arrives frozen to your front door or we reship the product for free. No joke.

Customer Reviews

Based on 844 reviews
Alex T.

Overall my expectations were higher than what the product provided. I was really excited because the ice cream was gluten free, which is great for my allergies. However, I don’t think “ice cream” is the best words to describe this product. It’s more of a dry shorbet texture. The taste was fine, it wasn’t too sweet and the brownie bits were good. Another thing I noticed is that it seemed like the dessert was melted then refrozen. This I don’t blame on the producer but on the transportation.

Dalton B.

I enjoyed the product very much! I am not the biggest fan of no sugar alternatives for ice cream, but was pleasantly surprised with this one. I tried the brownie points flavor and the brownie pieces inside tasted just like the real thing. I can’t wait to try out the other flavors.

Reira L.

The flavor was definitely there and I liked that, but it wasn't that creamy for me. I might have to try the other flavors to see if they all have the same consistency.

L L.

Love this ice cream - a new favorite! I am on the keto diet so love that it has healthy fats and low carbs. The flavor and texture are great and price is reasonable giving other choices for sugar free ice cream alternatives.

Elaine L.

I thought that this ice cream was a little bit disappointing. I tried Brownie Points and there was almost no brownie at all in the ice cream.
I think that other flavors may have more potential, but that one was a miss.