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Black Raspberry Flavor + Dark Chocolate Chips

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Ever see a whale play the banjo? It’s not a pretty site. But this blend of raspberries AND dark chocolate chips is not only a JAM SESSION that is friendly on the eyes…it’s also friendly on the taste buds — and your nutritional goals.

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ALL NATURAL ingredients

Our black raspberry keto ice cream contains 2g of net carbs per serving and MCT oil sourced 100% from coconuts.

We sweeten our ice cream with a blend of erythritol and stevia, natural sweeteners with a low glycemic index. So you get the sweetness you love without the consequences of sugar.  

Our black raspberry ice cream contains zero sugars.

What are net Carbs?

We take our total carbs and subtract our all-natural sweeteners and our fiber content.

Total Carbs - Fiber - Erythritol = Net Carbs

Benefits of MCT oil

  • Promotes weight loss
  • A sustainable source of energy
  • May help control blood sugar levels
  • Promotes mental clarity and focus

Learn more about the benefits of consuming MCT oil on our blog.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
The new addition of dark chocolate chips arent for me personally.

Before this new recent change this was hands down my favorite flavor from here,the taste reminded me of a creamsicle and I enjoyed it for its fruitiness, was probably one of the more "sweeter" flavors due to using real fruit, but the bitterness from the dark chocolate chips really dont meld together for me personally plus i was never really a dark chocolate fan like that.If you like the original flavor as well as the addition of dark chocolate go for it, if you're like me and usually steers clear of dark chocolate when possible id pass.

Nice flavor

Tastes good!

By far the best flavor I've tried!

To be honest I only ordered this flavor so that I'd have 6 pints to qualify for the free shipping (I'm not a mint fan and Killer was out of caramel), I'm not a big fan of blackberries. This ended up being my favorite of all the flavors I ordered. The texture of it was by far the best as well (compared to vanilla, pb whey, and piggy butter).

Look for dark chocolate chunks being added to that flavor soon :)

Jam Session

Great ice cream

So far I’m very satisfied with the flavor and I’ve only tried one, black raspberry. I’m looking forward to trying the peanut butter and chocolate flavored one. So far, I would definitely buy from you guys again.

Great to hear! Let us know what you think of the other flavors.