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Vanilla Keto Pint
Chilla In Vanilla
Chilla In Vanilla
Chilla In Vanilla
Chilla In Vanilla
Chilla In Vanilla
Chilla In Vanilla

Chilla In Vanilla

Vanilla Bean Flavor

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Smooth, creamy, and anything but vanilla (aka boring), this ice cream flavor is great straight out of the pint, added to your favorite keto smoothie or topped with all of your favorite low carb fixings.

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So Creamy and Smooth!

I just had my first few bites and cannot get enough of this ice cream. The vanilla packs such a punch! It's creamy and smooth every bite. And a simple but HUGE bonus for me, unlike all the other keto ice creams I've had, this one was soft enough to start eating right out of the freezer. No waiting around for 10 minutes for it to thaw enough that I can get my spoon in. I cannot WAIT for my local grocery store to get more flavors. I want some of that cinnamon bun!

We're so HAPPY to hear you're loving your Chilla In Vanilla pint! Thank you so much for the great review and for being part of our pod! =)
Vanilla Bean

It's great. Best when combined with a few other Killer flavors. Always best to let it soften for a few minutes before enjoying. Thanks Killer Creamery!

Thanks for the rad review, Scott! We're so happy you're loving Chilla In Vanilla. If you ever need anything we're always here and happy to help! =)
Not as good as Peanut Blubber! Lol that one is epic!

Top notch flavor and consistent after a thirty min room temp delay.

It's hard to top EPIC! Thank you so much for this review, James!

I walked into my local grocery in Chandler, AZ and was ecstatic to see several flavors in stock!! The vanilla is amazing. It’s hard so you have to let it thaw, or I just microwave it for a few seconds. First impression was “this is actually pretty good.” Now that I’ve had a few servings I feel like I like it even more! Can’t wait to try the other flavors!

Great to hear!

Amazing product will purchase again

Love this :)