The What’s What In Regards To Whey Protein

Hydrolized, Isolate, Concentrate.... What is the difference?

It can be hard to know exactly what to expect when taking a new supplement. If you are new to the fitness world the first thing people will recommend you do is to take a protein supplement. But with so many on the market how can you know what’s best for you? Below I have outlined the three kinds of whey protein and what the differences are between each of them.

The benefits of whey protein

Whey protein has many benefits to your health. It is an important part of any diet! Some of the benefits possibly linked with whey protein include relief of asthma symptoms over time. Whey protein has been shown to have anti-cancer properties that may help protect against certain types of cancers and has also been shown to help lower cholesterol and may aid in weight loss.

View the research on the benefits of whey protein here.

What is whey protein concentrate?

Whey protein concentrate is the cheapest and most common form of whey protein. Most concentrate supplements contain anywhere from 40-89% whey protein depending on the source. Whey concentrate also contains a higher level of lactose which will increase the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in a supplement. Whey protein concentrate consumption is a simple way to gain additional protein in a persons diet for greater muscle tissue growth.

What is whey protein isolate?

Isolate is the purest form of whey protein and contains 90% or higher protein content per serving. Whey protein isolate is made using a process that removes the lactose and fat from the supplement. In return, the sugar and carbohydrates drop in the supplement. A common benefit of using whey protein isolate instead of concentrate is that isolate is lactose-free.

What is hydrolyzed whey protein?

A whey protein that is labeled hydrolyzed, to put it simply, is broken down into smaller amino acids for the sole purpose of easy metabolization, think of it as pre-digested. Out of the three whey proteins, hydrolyzed is absorbed in a lot faster rate than concentrate or isolate. The quicker the absorption the more nutrient content that is being delivered to the muscle. These benefits do come at a considerably higher cost than isolate or concentrate. If you have the extra cash to spend it is not a bad way to go.

Hopefully, this helps clear the air on the difference between the forms of whey proteins in your supplements. Killer Whey! uses whey protein isolate in all of our products. Our ice creams are a great way to get the extra protein you need while avoiding large amounts of sugar and a higher calorie intake.

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Written by
Tate Glasgow
Co-Founder/Marketing Lead

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