What is sugar doing to us?

Everywhere you look you are surrounded by sugar. In fact it is that much harder this time of year to avoid it. It seems to follow us around to every holiday party we attend and now that the new year has come it taunts us at the grocery store as we attempt to follow our new years goals and resolutions. We know in a broad sense that sugar is bad but how bad is it actually and what is sugar doing to our bodies?


Here are a few things that sugar is doing to you that you’re probably not aware of.


Did you know the average American eats 130 lbs of sugar per year? Some of us think that we are improving our sugar intake only to never see any changes. It is amazing how much added sugar is in basic items like whole grain bread. It is important to take the time to read labels and do your research. Sugar is everywhere. If you absolutely need to have some sugar for try eating fruits high in sugar as they are usually high in Fiber as well.


Number One:

Think the fat that you see on your stomach is the only place that it’s being stored? Think again. When you eat high amount of sugar the fat that your body develops and stores actually is being stored around your liver and other organs. This extra fat puts you at a higher risk for fatty liver disease.


Number Two:

Would you like a couple more chocolate chip cookies or a piece of cake? Think again, every time you increase calories from sugar your risk of diabetes increases 1.1% according to the Plos One study.


Number Three:

Too much sugar in the bloodstream increases the amount of insulin in your arteries. What does that mean for your health? Well, the growth of your artery walls can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke.


Number Four:

Do your friends refer to you as a sugar junkie? Sugar triggers the release opioids and dopamine from your brain. Just like with drugs your body needs more and more sugar in order to provide the feel good sensation.


So, how can you realistically make the change?


Exchange products high in sugar for great tasting products without any added sugar. Here are some great tasting examples of commonly sugar quenching products.


Remember, it is still important to eat everything in moderation.


Soda - Zevia or La Croix

Cookies - The Keto Kookie or Murray Sugar Free Cookies  

Ice Cream - Killer Whey!


I will personally recommend these products as I have tried them and used them in my own diet changes. They are great tasting products without sugar and can provide wonderful health benefits.


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Written by
Tate Glasgow

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