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The Importance of Serving Sizes

Do you know how much ice cream is in a serving size? Don’t read ahead. Make a genuine guess! A cup? ¾ of a cup? 2 cups?

Many people are surprised, shocked actually, to find out that a serving size of ice cream is a ½ cup. That means that a pint of ice cream is a total of four servings, not one! And if you ever purchase a half-gallon of ice cream, there are 16 servings in the container.  

Now, I will be the first to admit that I have eaten an entire pint of ice on more than one occasion. Sometimes it just happens…. But I tend to set myself up for failure by eating the ice cream directly out of the pint-sized carton instead of scooping myself out a ½ cup serving.  

The pint size ice cream containers can be misleading, especially when you’re eating a healthy ice cream. We do eat with our eyes. So much of our relationship with food is a mental and emotional connection. For many people, your brain might automatically justify a larger portion of a perceived “health food”. Because it’s healthy, you reason that you can eat more.

Packaging can also be confusing. Companies want you to buy their products. They want you to feel good about yourself and about the purchases you make. There has been a shift towards healthy eating and food manufacturers will do almost anything they can to convince you that their product is healthy. Or they might compromise on quality of ingredients to reach a specific low calorie level that they can market.

How many times have you seen a calorie amount or net carbs listed on the front of a package, eaten the entire thing, and then looked more closely at the nutrition label and realized that the entire package you just inhaled actually has two, three, or maybe four servings? Turning the package back around, you look more closely at the calories listed on the front of the package and notice that you missed the small print that says “per serving”. I know that I’ve been victim to this ploy.

Part of being a smart consumer is paying attention to serving sizes. Turn that pint of healthy ice cream around and look at the Nutrition Facts Panel for the serving size and how many servings are in the container.

And, as far as healthy eating goes, and having a good relationship with food, you need to realize that even a healthy ice cream is still a treat. Just because an entire pint of keto ice cream has eight grams of net carbs, you don’t need to eat the entire pint at once. There is no reason to eat two cups of ice cream in one sitting. That does not promote healthy eating habits. Don’t eat the ice cream directly out of the container. Portion out a ½ cup.

Also, if you are following a strict keto diet, eight grams of net carbs at once will likely kick you out of ketosis. A keto diet is 20 grams of carbs a day. Eight grams of net carbs is nearly half your daily carbs. You don’t want to eat them all at once.

When it comes to optimizing your nutrition and having a healthy relationship with food, especially treats, portion control is key. Remember that a ½ cup of ice cream is a serving and that a pint of ice cream is four servings.

A ½ of Vanilla Killer Creamery Keto Ice Cream has: 150 calories, 15 grams of fat, 3 grams of protein, and 2 grams of net carbs.

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