MCT Oil And Why You Should Consume It

Medium chain triglycerides are commonly used in a ketogenic diet and offer many health benefits. The growth in popularity of these low carb diets which call for hight fat, low carb foods has also opened the door for the growth in popularity of consuming MCT oil. So why should you care and why should you start including these monounsaturated fats into your diet?

It has been shown that medium chain triglycerides have been missing from ‘western diets’ as saturated fats have been given a bad wrap in past decades. In reality, recent research on saturated fats has shown that saturated fats could actually be very good for you and your brain.

MCT oil a monounsaturated fat can provide you with some of these great benefits:

  • Quickly provide you and your brain with energy
  • Easier weight loss
  • Quickly and easily digested by the body
  • Can help protect against diabetes and heart disease
  • Triggers production of ketones (key for anyone living a ketogenic lifestyle)

Where can you get some added MCT’s in your diet?

Common places to find MCT’s are in coconut oil and palm kernel oil (beware of social issues surrounding this product), dairy that is full in fat, home cooked foods, MCT oil supplements, and ice cream (yes we said it).

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